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"As always great to work with Coach David. My son has been to his camps before and his 1 on 1 is even better. Highly recommend him for all levels of coaching"

rom the basics to advanced moves Coach David kept the practice interesting and challenging. His understanding of body positioning, footwork, and correct technique combined with drills repeated until the move is second nature is the fastest path to excellence. David picks up on what needs improvement and offers tools to improve while improving existing skills in a way that builds confidence. Very smart coach, high energy, and an overall nice guy. Excellent opportunity, look forward to future practices - Thanks!

"Coach Dave does a great job of pushing my 14 yr old son to do better. He has gotten stronger and more confident. He is definitely preparing him for high school ball physically and mentally"

"David is a great motivator and relates very well to my son. The training sessions are quite intense at times, so they improve his conditioning as well as his skills. David does a good job of explaining the benefits of each drill and reinforcing proper form and methods. Overall it has been very beneficial to my son's confidence, abilities, and approach to the game. He really looks forward to the training"

"Coach David really cares about your child's development in basketball. My son would hesitate to drive into the basket. Just in one session my son's confidence level was up. His next game he actually drove in the way Coach David taught him and scored off of the foul. He is so excited to work with him"

"Coach David is very knowledgeable of the game. He has been able to focus on the skills that my son needs. We plan to continue working with him"

"Thrilled with Coach David. My daughter (7th grade) shows significant improvement after just one session. He gave her a few keys to remove the hitch from her shot and drills/pointers she can use when practicing on her own. I highly recommend Coach David"

"Have been working with David for the past few months and have seen significant improvement in confidence, skill, and enjoyment of the game. Was very impressed to see him come to watch a game during tournament to specifically assess what skill set to target in training. His training has helped more than an entire season of select ball at a fraction of the cost or time. Also she really enjoys the training as David explains in a way she easily understands and nothing motivates like seeing hard work turn into wins for your team. David is the real deal."

"Undoubtedly one of the greatest people I've met. Coach David truly strengthens you in all aspects of playing basketball. I've learned not only just the skills and essentials for playing basketball, but I also became more compassionate for the game of basketball thanks to Coach David's sessions. Very cooperative and an understanding person"

"We were looking for the program that will help Braden reach the next level. Coach David has that program"